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NTS Skilled People & Resources AS, a family owned company, has been in existance since 1993. We have been involved in various kind of businesses but in 2013 turned to the recruitment business. We are especially focusing on health care personnel, and the growing shortage of skilled nurses and health workers in general is alarming, because the government seems to hope that this shortage will sort itself out over time. Well, we think it is too late already and are now actively looking for candidates in the Philippines. This country is not able to offer work for all among the thousands graduating every year, and many end up as sales ladies and cashiers. Not good!

The back side of the coin is the language barrier. English is widely spoken in Norway, in fact several company use it internally as their primary language. This is not the case when it comes to handle people and their wellfare, however. There is a strict requirement that the health worker is fluent enough in Norwegian language to understand what the patient says and be able to clearly instruct, comfort or advice the patient in Norwegian. For those familiar with gradings the requirtement now is A2 or equivalent. It is also a requirement that the health worker has a good understanding about our culture and social rights etc. These are among the add-on requirements as of 2017.

Tel. No. (Norway): +47 4008 2265

For general inquiries you may use this email address: admin@ntsresources.com

Postal address to Norway: P.O.Box 60, 3249 Sandefjord, NORWAY

Postal address to The Philippines: P.O.Box 87, 6200 Dumaguete City, Philippines

Our visiting address in Norway is: Halvdan Svartes gate 12A, N-3208 Sandefjord

NTS Skilled People & Resources AS is a duly registered incorporated identity with VAT registration NO 967 004 162 MVA and an accredited staffing enterprise by Arbeidstilsynet. Go to http://www.arbeidstilsynet.no/bemanningsforetak for verification.

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